Fermentation Systems

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New Brunswick Scientific manufactures state-of-the art cGMP-compliant fermentors for research through production. NBS offers a wide range autoclavable and sterilizable in place BioFlo fermentors in 1 – 3,000 liter capacities, ideal for heat inductions, growth of e.coli, pichia pastoris and streptomyces yeasts, as well as traditional anaerobic and aerobic culture from recombinant microbial, yeast and fungal cells. (A wide range of dedicated bioreactors are also offered).

Set-up and start-up assistance is included with all NBS fermentors (excluding BioFlo®/CelliGen®/  115). Optional software packages, training packages and validation services are also available. For product details and downloadable brochure, select a fermentor model from those shown below (or at left). Or click here to request information.

Autoclavable Fermentors

BioFlo/CelliGen 115   BioFlo 310 Fermentor
BioFlo/CelliGen 115
(1.3 to 14 Liters)
  BioFlo 310
(2.5 to 14 Liters)

Sterilizable-In-Place Fermentors

BioFlo 415   BioFlo 510
BioFlo 415
(7 to 19.5 Liters)
  BioFlo 510
(19.5 to 40 Liters)
BioFlo 610   BioFlo Pro
BioFlo 610
(65 & 125 Liters)
  BioFlo Pro
(75 to 3,000 Liters)

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For product details, select a product from those shown above or click here to request information.


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