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TCA-3 Datalog LoginTCA-3 Independent
Temperature Monitor

Data Logger and Advanced Auto-Dialer
for ULT Freezers

The integrity of your samples is paramount to your research. This is why New Brunswick Scientific has partnered with Grant to offer the all-in-one TCA-3 Temperature Monitoring System. The TCA-3 is an independent temperature monitor with alarm, electronic chart recorder, and an auto-dialer incorporated in one small pod that integrates seamlessly to the side of your equipment.

Independent Temperature Monitoring

The TCA-3 system consists of two probes (for chamber and ambient temperature) and a small communication pod about the size of a wallet. The TCA-3 communicates through any standard Ethernet connection with internet access. No software to download. Firewall compatible. Setup is fast and easy, taking only five minutes to be installed.

Data Logging

The TCA-3 transmits data to professionally-managed centralized data servers where redundant systems store and record chamber probe, ambient temperature and alarms. A web-based portal allows the user access to this data anytime, from any computer. The intuitive data graphing and tracking functions allow for a complete trace of freezer performance.

Auto-dialer* Text and E-Mail Alert System

The integrated e-mail, text, and phone messaging service alerts a sequential number of users to any alarms, until the alarms are recognized. In addition, alarm acknowledgements and resolutions are tracked for regulatory control.
(*) Auto-dialer functionality is not available in all countries. Contact your local Eppendorf sales organization for more information.

TCA-3 Temperature Monitor Demo
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  • Web-based access to data from anywhere in the world
  • Secure encrypted transmission
  • Ambient temperature probe
  • System setup in less than 5 minutes - simply connect to ethernet
  • No software to install or maintain
  • Phone, text and e-mail alarm notification
  • Historic data recording and report generation
  • Non-alterable data
  • Corrective action plans
  • Independent alarm notifications
  • Easily retrofitted on current units
  • Firewall compatible
  • Power over ethernet


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